Agota 45% seed bread advertising campaign “Perfect when naked”


Vilniaus Duona, a bread producer


Increasing Awareness / Entering the Market


Agota 45% was not a new product, as it was introduced to the market more than half a year ago. The introduction of this product was aimed at strengthening the company’s position in the category of small, shaped, grain bread. However, the awareness of the new product was still lacking.


To create an image for the Agota 45% seed bread campaign, with video content that would be different from the usual bread advertisements (associated with being Lithuanian, ethnographic style, villages, etc.).


Raise awareness of Agota 45% seed bread and encourage people to try it.


  • The campaign’s key video delivering the main message that Agota 45% seed bread is perfect even when it’s naked (i.e. without condiments). The campaign idea was developed on the basis of the extremely rich composition of the product, made with 45% seeds. The video images were selected by interpreting various images of nudity: a naked person in the shower, a “naked” i.e. empty city, outdoor landscapes, Michelangelo’s painting The Birth of Venus, and others.
  • Social networks selected for the communication: Facebook and YouTube.



average video view rate. Average YouTube view rates are 31.9%.

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