„Danske Bank“ Hackathon


Danske Bank, Information Technology Services Centre


Attracting talent


The aim was to increase Danske Bank’s awareness as an employer and to attract young talent to these jobs


Danske Bank virtual hackathon “Job Positions of the Future” campaign


~ 70 student-participant registrations


  • To attract a young audience, we chose the communications channels that they were using the most – Facebook and Instagram. Information was published in these channels about the event schedule, registration, commission members and mentors, as well as issues that would be addressed during the event and prizes for the winners (visuals, messages (10 posts) and a FB event). To generate more engagement and registration for the event, a contest to win hackathon merch was also announced.
  • To inform the company’s existing employees about the event, an internal communication channel was chosen – the Danske Bank blog.



registrations. Goal exceeded.


engagement. Engagement with a regular post is 7%.

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