Enefit event: start of the electricity market liberalisation


Enefit, a supplier of green Lithuanian electricity


Increasing Awareness / Entering the Market


The beginning of the liberalisation of the electricity market started in Lithuania in 2020, and the market was flooded with new players – independent electricity suppliers, including Enefit. During the first phase of this transition, the independent electricity supplier was chosen by a population consuming more than 5,000 kWh per year.


To originally introduce Enefit to the media and the public, emphasising its main unique trait - green approach, which is based on the fact that the electricity supplied by the company is generated only from renewable energy sources.


To introduce the Lithuanian green energy supplier Enefit to the public and to strengthen the brand’s ties to a “green approach”.


  • To strengthen the ties between Enefit and a green solution, a public opinion poll titled “Green Index” was conducted, which was aimed at finding out the attitude of the country’s population towards sustainability in various fields (including energy).
  • An introduction event for the media and the public was held in an unusual place related to the ecological way of life – Tymo Market. The results of the study were presented visually using sustainable Lithuanian food products.
  • Influencer Communication: the photographer Algis Kriščiūnas, who was invited to the event, shared a post about the importance of green electricity on his Instagram account and mentioned Enefit.
  • Communication of the event and the Green Index in the media.


Greener image

The Green Index study established ties between Enefit and green energy.


media publications on Enefit and the Green Index

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