Explain me like I’m 5


Danske Bank, Information Technology Services Centre


Attracting talent


Danske Bank’s job descriptions in its advertisements are quite complicated for the candidates to understand due to technical details


Propose a solution on how to clearly and simply explain complex positions to potential employees on social media


Increasing Danske Bank’s awareness as an employer.


  • A 10-video series “Explain like I’m 5” (+ “teasers” and “stories”), presenting the Danske Bank employees in different positions, who briefly and simply explain what they do on a daily basis
  • Communication on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube): posts explaining to the followers what Danske Bank’s employees do in various positions and areas.


97 329

unique users were shown the ad 242,992 times.


average CTR for the LinkedIn feed campaigns. Up to 2% for the other campaigns. This shows that the audience was very active and interested in the ad.

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