Janssen (UAB „Johnson & Johnson”)


To raise awareness of depression.


Depression is a well-known illness. However, society is full of myths and stereotypes surrounding it. One of them is that it is not a severe illness and that if a person has it, they usually do not seek help from doctors. If not treated in time, it can worsen the disease and make it much harder to treat.


Our task was to raise awareness of depression as a severe illness, educate the public about the different forms of depression, and debunk myths prevalent in society.


Our goal was to eliminate the stigma of depression in society and encourage people to take an interest in the disease so that they can recognize its symptoms and seek timely help from doctors.



  • The website iveikdepresija.lt has been set up to bring together all relevant information on depression. 
  • TV clips inviting people to visit iveikdepresija.lt. 
  • Radio spots presenting facts and myths about depression, with an invitation to visit iveikdepdepresija.lt. 
  • We initiated the integration of content into health broadcasts. 
  • We created outdoor advertising (bus stop windows) in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda, a unique outdoor advertising installation simulating how the world looks through the filter of depression with a call to reclaim the colors of life. 
  • Content project.
  • Google Ads (Search) campaign, Google Display banner campaign. 
  • Influencer engagement.



revisions of content project texts over a month and a half.


page views on iveikdepresija.lt in 1.5 months.

6 -10 min.

average reading time for content.


viewers of online videoconferencing.

More than 500K

users reached on social networks.


of users have joined influencers sharing their personal stories.

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