Maxima, a retail chain


Employee Engagement


Today’s business practices have shown that involving employees in the process of solving a company’s internal challenges can become the key to success. This format is equally beneficial for both the employees and the companies. Maxima has a large number of excellent and enterprising employees, who perform their duties responsibly and can offer new ideas to the organisation. Therefore, it was decided to establish an internal Speed Board including employees from various fields.


To create an internal campaign to introduce the employees’ Speed Board and to attract members.


To attract at least 300 employees to register and run for the Speed Board and to strengthen the company’s image as an attractive and career-oriented employer.


  • Speed Board in a visual style, replicating the concept of a movie premiere. It was used as a base for other measures to encourage employees from other areas of the company to apply: electronic movie tickets-invitations in a newsletter format, posters in stores, invitations and movie tickets for the store employees, employees’ computer screensavers.
  • The project’s micro-website www.maxima.lt/greitis with all the information about the project, a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and a registration form.
  • Project communication in the media and on the internal intranet, informing the employees what the Speed Board is about.



Maxima employee forms (ranging from young people who were just starting their career to long-term store employees)


members on the first Speed Board

7 out of 8

members progressed on the career ladder after their term


board members went on to pursue careers abroad


publications in the media about the project


publications in internal communication channels


The project was viewed as the result of a changing retail network culture. As a result, the company can gain new ideas and insights from different employees, while at the same time preparing professionals with a better understanding of the company’s business processes and a broader vision, who will be able to lead the company forward in the future.


In the annual TOP Employer rankings for 2020, CV-Online recognised the Lithuanian retail chain Maxima as the company in the Lithuanian trade sector that had received the most attention from employees, as well as one of the country’s most attractive employers.

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