“Maxima’s” 11 March initiative


Maxima, a retail chain


Creating an Image


Lithuania celebrates its 30th anniversary on the 11th of March. To mark this occasion, Lithuanian companies and organisations are undertaking various initiatives to commemorate this anniversary in Lithuania; the media and the public are paying special attention to this special occasion.


The largest Lithuanian retail chain Maxima wanted a unique congratulations message on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the 11th of March.


To strengthen the connection between the Maxima brand and the Lithuanian image in the eyes of the public.


  • Emphasising the tradition of baking Lithuanian bread and to mark this occasion, Maxima baked a batch of rye bread decorated with an oak twig and sent it to 30 Lithuanian communities abroad that no longer get to enjoy Lithuanian bread as frequently as they would like.
  • Direct communication with the target audiences: 30 communities were actively contacted throughout the project to maximise the project’s visibility.



communities shared photos and offered thanks to Maxima on their Facebook accounts (648 likes and 33 post shares).


Stronger image of Maxima as a brand that cherishes Lithuanianness.

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