Vilniaus Duona, a bread producer


Entering the Market


The only growing bread segment in Lithuania is toasting bread. Vilniaus Duona is the leader in this segment, with a market share of about 40%. In the toasting bread segment, Vilniaus Duona has three brands: Toste, Beatos virtuvė and Urtės. The Toste brand is both the largest and the fastest-growing, so it receives more communication support, while new products are planned to expand the Toste family. One of them is the new toasting bread Toste for Kids.


In the context of the pandemic and the restrictions that prevailed at the time, it was necessary to create an inclusive bread campaign for Toste for Kids with video content highlighting the main features of the product: small slices, low sugar content, source of fibre and the secondary use of the packaging – children can colour in a character included on the packaging.


To increase the awareness of Toste for Kids and encourage pilot purchases.


Unique promotional content for children and about children, based on real experiences.

  • Part One – image campaign. It included two videos:
    • A behind the scenes video depicting a dialogue between the winners of the Vilniaus Duona competition and a graphic designer who illustrated the children’s story ( These illustrations were later used in the main animated film.
    • The main animated film that transformed the real Vilniaus Duona (family) consumers and their story into animated characters ( The video plot was enlivened with playful rhymes to appeal to child audiences. The main features of the product were also recorded and communicated.
    • Communication channels: social networks including Facebook and YouTube.
  • Part Two – a performance-based campaign:
    • Banner set with a photo of the product.
    • Communication formats: Google Display Network and a banner ad.



total view rate. The average YouTube view rate is 31.9%.

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