YIT Lietuva employer branding campaign


YIT Lietuva, a real estate development company


Attracting talent


The construction sector is constantly facing a shortage of human resources, so workers are often hired from foreign companies. The pandemic situation has exacerbated this problem: people are reluctant to change jobs so lightly, as they feel insecure not only about their health but also about their financial circumstances and future uncertainty.


A need for an employer image campaign in order for YIT Lietuva to receive more applications and be considered as a potential workplace.


To increase the awareness of YIT Lietuva as a potential employer.


  • A career test game, which encouraged players to check whether their values matched the potential employer’s values.
  • A 10-video series about the employees and their stories in the company. All the videos have been uploaded to YouTube and posted on social media (Facebook, Instagram). Also, digital channels such as GDN and Google Search were used in order to advertise to the campaign.
  • Communication in the media – a series of articles were published about the employees and their stories.



increased traffic to the Careers subsection on the YIT Lietuva website.

650 tūkst.

completed career tests.

130 thousand

video views on YouTube.

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