We take on challenges and provide victories

INK Agency is an integrated creative communications agency. Therefore, we thoroughly examine each client’s issues. We work to find not the easiest, but the most effective solution.

The most important factor for us is the client’s challenge. Each challenge is unique, and the solution must be as equally unique as well. This means we do not offer standardised services.

We will create the right image, drive sales and increase awareness to help introduce you to the market, attract new talent or retain your existing personnel. We can do all that. And more.

We become our client’s team member. We accept the challenge. We perform an analysis of the problem causing it.

We refine our strategy and cultivate tactical actions, reinforced with vivid creative solutions. That’s how, in our hands, challenges become victories.

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Management Team
Creative & Design
Integrated Projects
Special Projects
Kęstutis Gečas


Lina Galatiltė


Jolita Kochanskė


Lina Padumė


Renata Kežionienė

Marketing Strategist, Team Lead

Gytis Burauskas

Digital Strategist

Gintarė Blažytė

PR Strategist

Rūta Vaitkevičiūtė

Creative Director

Vytenis Vincentas Kazlas

Art Director

Guostė Blažiūnaitė

Creative, Copywriter

Žymantė Urbonaitė

Creative Designer

Augustė Misiūnaitė


Martyna Liaugminaitė


Barbora Gedvilaitė-Liukė

Account Director

Ieva Krikštopaitytė

Team Lead

Elena Glebauskienė

Senior Account Manager

Beatričė Mikšytė

Account Manager

Karolina Snieškaitė

Junior Account Manager

Karina Bernadickaitė

Account Assistant

Justė Kudžmaitė

Team Lead

Gabriel Borta

Senior Account Manager

Kamilė Rimkutė

Account Manager

Marius Monkevičius

Content Account Manager

Kamilė Rutkaitė

Account Manager

Paulina Taškutė

Senior Account Assistant

Ignas Danisas

Team Lead

Ervinas Spūdys

Senior Account Manager

Laura Beganskienė

Account Manager

Silvija Kuprionytė

Account Manager

Indrė Volungevičiūtė

Account Manager

Laurita Putnaitė

Junior Account Assistant

Matas Ramonas

Senior Account Assistant

Giedrius Galdikas

Team Lead

Tomas Andriukonis

Account Manager

Justina Kazragytė

Account Manager

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