The road to success starts with employees

See the full picture. We adhere to this principle not only when accepting customer’s challenges but also when caring for our team. We care about your work, and also how you feel while doing it.

We work in teams. We thus do not offer the “one-man show” experience. We are client-centric. Therefore, we are looking for professionals committed to solving every customer’s challenge to join our team.

We are certain that the road to customer’s happiness begins with a happy employee. Therefore, we build a stress-free space where you feel good while working, can make mistakes, and celebrate victories. It’s very likely that this could be your agency.


Our internal survey shows that INK values teamwork and equality the most.


We notice talents and give them a chance to improve. Not only upwards but also in width, depth, or in newly discovered areas.


We believe that one’s job should complement personal life rather than compete with it. We, therefore, create a stress-free environment and take care of our team’s emotional health.


Appreciation and encouragement

constant feedback, regular evaluation interviews, transparent remuneration and bonus system.

Learning with INK

useful lessons and workshops every week.

Emotional health programme

from continuously measured stress temperatures and Fridays without meetings to meditation sessions.

Team activities

financial injections for teambuildings.

Freedom of workplace

be able to see your co-workers at the office for a few days of the week and spend the rest of the time working from home.

The aura of Paupys

a new modern office located in likely the most beautiful place in Vilnius.

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