How do we turn challenges into victories?

We offer all the strategic and tactical solutions for integrated creative communication from one source, both in Lithuania and abroad. We have accumulated many years of experience in the fields of corporate, international, and social responsibility communication. We help to establish and maintain contacts with the media, as well as among existing and potential employees, by strengthening internal communication and the image of the employer. To achieve our goals, we use both traditional communication channels and tools, as well as various digital solutions (e.g. webinars and live broadcasts).

How do we help in creating leaders?

Through traditional and digital channels, we ensure that you both look and sound unique in your particular market. We develop and implement marketing, positioning, brands and their tone (voicebooks), digital communication strategies for continuous brand visibility and the attractive presentation of services or products. On our end, planning marketing campaigns includes not only generating ideas but also their full creative implementation: from creating social media posts to filming advertisements, or introducing products or services to the public and the media.

How are we paving the way?

Our agency’s capabilities are just as unlimited as any form of art. Just give us a challenge and we’ll turn it into a victory. While looking for ways to reach the target audience, we plan and implement creative integrated communication campaigns, regardless of the geography, product or service. We also create brands and a visual identity, as well as providing ideas for names, slogans and promotional messages. We have mastered the fields of graphic design, websites, photography, animation, video and even soundtrack production.

How do we help put out communication fires?

The path to victory can be winding, so one of our main tasks is to anticipate the potential risks and help manage them. We develop and implement communication crisis prevention and management strategies, suitable for various scenarios. We also take care of communication crisis management when it starts or ends, and when it is important to restore the damage to a reputation caused during the crisis. Furthermore, we share our long-term experience and expertise with others, by holding crisis training sessions and simulations of different scenarios.