The hunt for ideas: where do they live and how far will it take to reach them?

The idea is very good, original. But first, let’s calculate its effectiveness.

Statistics, surveys, reach, engagement, KPIs – this is all very important when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of communication with a client to achieve their business goals. But communication can and must offer more. CREATIVITY. Effective, bold, timely, well-conceived and well-executed communication ideas are what make a customer’s heart beat faster.
Creativity in communication is one of the driving forces. If there isn’t a good idea, there is nothing to count. However, people who work in creative sphere know that ideas rarely fall from the sky – they must come to you. Literally. Ideas are definitely not found amongst a list of communication awards – they live beyond our comfort zones and hobbies. Therefore, it is worth inquiring about everything, because you never know what the source of your creativity will be tomorrow: a new art exhibition, an unexpectedly discovered museum, the taste of a new meal, a trip, a movie, a street, a book or a magazine. It is up to you to decide where to look for that source, but to help organise your ideas into brain folders, I suggest drawing attention to these trends.

Mental Health - No1 Priority

People have never been more concerned with their health as they are today: the balance between work and leisure, the importance of sleep, personal psychologists, trips to wellness centres around the world, silent retreats, healthy living, meditation and yoga.
In addition, this trend is becoming a source of inspiration for businesses who develop brands (we see the descriptions of moods or emotional states on product packaging) and communication campaigns (aimed at highlighting and contributing to people’s psychological well-being). Staff also mustn’t be forgotten – with office spaces created where they can relax, as well as the organisation of meditation sessions and/or exercise breaks.
Although this has been trending around the world for years, it does not seem to be disappearing. It is therefore worth keeping in mind, when considering both external and internal communication.

No more secrets

Themes, that were once taboo, are explored more and increasingly boldly. This tendency is probably related to the already mentioned need to, in general, improve one’s psychological state and well-being. This is well reflected in the TV project “Nebegėda” (No Longer Ashamed), currently underdevelopment in Lithuania. The success of this project and its crowd of followers suggests that some topics have been taboo for too long and it has long been time to start loudly talking about sexuality, sex and the joys and concerns that come with it.
Additionally, for several years in Lithuania, an event titled “Fail Nights” has been organised to allow participants, both entrepreneurs and creators, to open up and share their biggest failures with a group of listeners. Such stories are increasingly shared by entrepreneurs in the media. Sharing their mistakes, publicly analysing them in the eyes of the public and target audiences, turns those “unfortunate” into heroes and allows others to learn from their mistakes.
As you can see, businesses have tons to do here. All you need to do is use your head and find the best way to make a public confession or discuss a topic that others are often too afraid to speak about out loud, while considering the how, where and why.

Women's empowerment is powerful

The theme of women’s leadership, which has been tremendously boosted by the world-shaken movement #MeToo, is so strong that it is invading all walks of life. Including Lithuania. And not for nothing – the fight is for a good cause. Statistics say that there still is a significant gender pay gap in Lithuania. This makes us look sad within the EU context.
The good news is that everyone in this area, including businesses, can have an influence, including people in communication, which, offering the right lines of communication and topics, can positively contribute to promoting equal rights. Is your client’s company run by a female leader, who carried the company up Olympia? Tell us about it.

Authenticity is real

What is authentic is also real and therefore attractive. The search for authenticity and originality has been actively pursued for years, not only by the fashion and art world, basing ideas on their roots and origins, but also by various brands in other fields. The trend is not new, but still extremely lively. It is always worth looking for authenticity when you think how to position your customer’s brand.
A great example is the world-famous “Chernobyl” series. Yes, its strength is a fact-based and thrilling story, and the portrayal of paralysing and reality-distorting order, that Lithuanians are very familiar with. Yet another essential part of this series is authenticity. The world values the authentic places, architecture, costumes, homes and, of course, the human stories. The world values ​​authenticity, so it is probably not worth arguing over whether this series brought more benefit or harm to Lithuania. However, this does not mean that the Soviet regime should become the inspiration for communication – look for your authenticity and true stories with your clients.

Oh, nostalgia

That what reminds us of old times becomes the new driving force. We all know that a cycle revolves in many areas, with some trends going into oblivion, others coming back, and, with a little renewal, climbing back on the pedestal. This is particularly evident in design. One of the symbols of nostalgia today is neon signage. Perhaps this trend can inspire you, for example, when planning a client’s event, its concept and decorations?
You may have noticed that the neon signage of the 1980s has reappeared not only in restaurants, cafes or nightclubs, but also in homes and art exhibitions. Nostalgia, not otherwise. There are probably more explanations for this. Neon signs ask to be photographed, which means hanging one in a restaurant or art show gives the place more publicity (at least on social networks).

Like I said, sitting at a computer is not enough, you have to go out and hunt ideas. If you feel nostalgic, visit the Museum of Neon in Warsaw – decades of stories of the city, eloquently featured on neon signboards, are hidden there. If you want to understand the power of authenticity, re-watch “Chernobyl” (taking a deeper look) or head to the village of Musteika in Dzūkija to discover the ancient hive of beekeeping, fostered by beekeeper Romas Norkūnas, which is perhaps the only one in Europe. For a better understanding of how much women can do, visit the “Women Go Tech” conference and share the importance of equal rights with your mom, wife, grandmother or girlfriend. If you are interested in failures that turn into success stories, visit one of the “Fail Nights” events. If you want a better understanding of why people go to silence retreats for weeks, attend a meditation camp for a few days and meet people who practice it.

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