Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania


Raising awareness and changing the perception from "Lithuania is safe because it is defended by others" to "Lithuania is safe because it is an equal part of the world's strongest defense union."


In Lithuania, for the first time in the history of the country, in 2023 July 11-12 The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit was organized. The aim was to inform about the upcoming event, its importance and meaning, and also to create visual associations by strengthening trust and pride in the alliance.


In the NATO summit campaign, we used the emotional basis close to Lithuanians and currently extremely strong - the power of unity - as the axis of the campaign construct.


To inform about the NATO summit held in Vilnius and to strengthen the audience's support and trust in the NATO alliance.


  • Strategic and creative concept.
  • Visual video clip for television and the Internet.
  • Radio clips in Lithuanian and Russian.
  • Outdoor advertising solutions.
  • Digital advertising layouts (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).
  • Information campaign in national and regional media.
  • Content project texts and multimedia.
  • Public transport advertising in TOP10 cities.
  • Articles in foreign languages (Polish, Russian)


99 percent of respondents

heard about the NATO summit held in Vilnius

80 percent believes

that such events are useful for Lithuania

89 percent are proud

that Lithuania is a member of NATO