Telia Global Services Lithuania


Attract students and teachers of grades 7-9 to participate in the National IT Challenge organized by Telia Global Services Lithuania and increase their information literacy.


Lithuania has a great potential for digital literacy due to the available ecosystem of the growing field, but a small selection of these specialties due to fears related to the field and mathematical knowledge. We aimed to encourage schoolchildren not to be afraid of this field, to participate in the National IT Challenge, solve tasks and win prizes.


The pilot project is to attract as many 7-9 grade students as possible to participate in the challenge, covering as many regions of Lithuania as possible.


Collect 50 thousand sessions to the National IT Challenge website and reach 498 (70%) Lithuanian schools, of which 324 are in the regions.


  • A creative project concept and media strategy were created.
  • The platform was created.
  • The content of the video lessons has been prepared.
  • Promotional material prepared.
  • Visual video clip with Robert Petrauskas.
  • Digital Marketing Tools – Texts, Visuals, Banners.
  • During the entire project, a digital marketing campaign was carried out on Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) and Google platforms (YouTube, Display, Responsive Ads).
  • Articles in national and regional media.
  • Visits to schools in the regions of the country.
  • Informational webinars for teachers.
  • The concept of the closing event of the project.


Attracted more than 8.5 thousand.

of students (every 8th grade 7-9 student in the country participated)

All schools in the country

with grades 7-9 learned about the project

We reached 26.9% with the regional campaign

families of all high school students